Elite Advisor Excursion, MONTANA: Notes-to-Know

What is the purpose of this event?

Arete Wealth is bringing together a select group of advisors from Arete Wealth and Center Street so they might get to know each other better and also spend valuable 1:1 time with our firm executives. 

What is dress code, and what equipment is needed?

Please plan to dress casual for meals & events.  You will be outfitted with all the necessary equipment for a fly fishing excursion, so you are not required to bring equipment (unless desired). You will be camping riverside Friday through Saturday, so prepare to pack any necessary personal items for an overnight stay. All other amenities will be provided at camp.

Montana has variable weather in all seasons. Bring clothes to be comfortable in 30-90 degree weather and rain, sun or snow.
• Warm winter hat (regardless of season)
• Gloves or Mittens
• Warm Jacket (even in summer)
• Layered clothing
• Sun pants/shirts
• Rain coat
• Pair of long underwear
• Warm socks
• Sun hat with wide brim
• Sandals
• Comfortable shoes for in camp fishing
• Sandals with back strap for warm weather
• Polarized glasses
• Sun screen
• Binoculars (optional) 

Is airport transportation provided?

Yes; you will be met by private chartered transportation upon your arrival in Montana based on your flight itinerary. From that point forward, all transportation - including your return to the airport - will be coordinated and covered by Arete Wealth's team.

Who is the onsite contact?

Your Elite Advisor Excursion concierge is Jason, who will accompany you all throughout your time in Montana. Jason's mobile is 314.303.7417 should you need to text or call him for support. Note, Jason is your contact once you commence travel to Montana - all questions about the event BEFORE you arrive should be directed to Nate Moster, Arete Wealth at [email protected] or 312.940.3684. 


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Arete Wealth hosts 'Elite Advisor Excursions' to connect and celebrate with rising stars and established producers in the firm. 

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